Welcome to TechHive Talent – your premier partner in the realm of talent acquisition. Renowned for our unparalleled expertise, we excel in curating top-tier professionals across the Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering, and Technology industries.

At TechHive Talent, we recognize the distinctive demands of these dynamic sectors and are dedicated to tailoring our approach to precisely match industry requirements. With an unwavering focus on excellence, agility, and profound industry insight, we are adept at seamlessly connecting companies with exceptional individuals who catalyze success and foster innovation.

In the fast-evolving landscapes of Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering, and Technology, securing the right talent is paramount. TechHive Talent sets the standard with our steadfast dedication to excellence and cutting-edge sourcing methodologies, harnessing our extensive market acumen to attract and retain the foremost candidates for your team.

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Manufacturing & FMCG

At TechHive Talent, we specialize in recruiting top-tier talent for a diverse range of roles across the Manufacturing and FMCG sectors. Our dedicated team possesses deep industry knowledge and a vast network of candidates, allowing us to identify and engage professionals who excel in roles ranging from Production Supervisors and Quality Assurance Managers to Sales, Marketing, and Logistics professionals. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of these dynamic industries, and our tailored approach ensures that we match our clients with candidates who possess the specific skills, experience, and cultural fit needed to drive success and innovation within their organizations. 

Production Supervisors
Maintenance & Engineering Managers
Warehouse Managers
Transport & Logistics Managers

Supply Chain Managers
Operations Managers
Safety & HSE Managers
Sales & Business Development

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At TechHive Talent, we specialize in recruiting a wide range of engineering roles across diverse industries, ensuring that our clients have access to the most talented professionals in the field. Our expertise covers a multitude of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, civil, structural & chemical engineering among others. Whether our clients require expertise in traditional fields or emerging technologies, we meticulously identify and engage candidates who possess the requisite skills, experience, and passion to drive innovation and success within their organizations. With our deep understanding of the engineering landscape, TechHive Talent is the partner of choice for companies seeking to build high-performing engineering teams.

Civil Engineer
Structural Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Rail Engineer

Mining Engineer
Industrial Automation Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Marine Engineer
Drafter & AutoCad Tech

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IT & Technology

At TechHive Talent, we specialize in recruiting a diverse range of IT roles tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. Our expertise encompasses but is not limited to, positions such as software engineers, systems architects, cybersecurity specialists, data analysts, network administrators, and IT project managers. Whether your organization requires expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, or any other cutting-edge technology, our meticulous approach ensures that we identify and secure candidates who possess the precise skills and experience needed to drive your digital transformation initiatives forward. With a keen understanding of the IT landscape and a commitment to delivering exceptional talent, TechHive Talent is your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of the IT recruitment process.

Software Developers (Front/Back & Fullstack)
DevOps Engineers
Support Specialists
Cloud Ops

Testing & QA Specialists
Cyber Security Specialists
Network & System Administrators
Business Analysts

If you prefer to give us a call please contact us on +61 404 921 722

Targeted Talent Pools

With our targeted talent pools of software developers, you can trust that you’re accessing the best talent in the industry. We don’t spread ourselves across the multiple segments of the IT landscape, so you can have confidence that you are engaging a true specialist in Software Development Talent.

We also have a deep understanding of the software development industry & trends, which allows us to identify the most promising talent & keep our pool up-to-date with the latest skills & technologies. Having a targeted talent pool means our engagement with our client portfolio makes sense & relevant.

Testing & Assessing

Our testing & assessment process includes a combination of technical skills tests, behavioural assessments & cultural fit evaluations. We use a variety of tools & methodologies to evaluate each candidate, including coding challenges, personality tests & role-play scenarios. This allows us to gain a deep understanding of the candidate’s skills, work style & fit within your organization.

We also have a team of experts with extensive knowledge in software development, who conduct in-depth interviews & reviews of each candidate’s technical & non-technical skills. This ensures that we have a complete picture of each candidate’s abilities & potential fit with your organisation.

Permanent Engagement

Our Permanent Engagement services include:

  • Recruitment strategy development: We work with your organization to develop a customized recruitment strategy that is aligned with your goals & priorities.
  • Sourcing and candidate identification: We use a range of cutting-edge sourcing techniques to identify & engage with top talent.
  • Candidate screening & assessment: We conduct in-depth interviews & assessments to evaluate candidates’ skills, experience & fit for your organization.
  • Reference checks: We conduct thorough reference checks to ensure that candidates have a strong track record of success & are a good cultural fit for your organization. 
  • Offer negotiation & acceptance: We provide support throughout the offer negotiation & acceptance process to ensure a successful hire.

Our goal is to help your organization find & hire the best possible Talent & we are committed to providing personalized service & working closely with our clients to achieve this goal.

Sourcing Strategy Development

We use a combination of traditional & cutting-edge methods to source IT talent, including job boards, social media, industry events, & personal networks. We also utilize advanced technologies such as AI & machine learning to identify the best candidates based on their skills, experience & past performance.

Our sourcing strategies are tailored to each client’s specific needs, taking into account their industry, location & hiring goals. We are committed to providing personalized service & working closely with our clients to ensure that we are finding the best talent for their unique requirements.


For challenging roles, we take a targeted & personalized approach to identifying potential candidates. We conduct extensive research & analysis to identify the specific skills & experience that are required for the role, & we use this information to identify candidates who have the right background & qualifications.

We use a range of techniques to identify & engage with candidates, including direct outreach, personalized messaging, & leveraging our extensive network of industry contacts. We also utilise advanced technologies such as AI & machine learning to identify top talent based on their online profiles & past performance. 

Throughout the process, we work closely with your organization to ensure that we are aligned with your goals & priorities. We provide regular updates & feedback & we remain flexible & responsive to changes in your requirements or the overall hiring landscape.

Project Specific

Building a team of highly skilled professionals tailored to the unique demands of projects is a formidable endeavor across industries like Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering, and IT Technology. It necessitates a robust recruitment strategy and enticing incentives to both attract and retain top talent.

In navigating these challenges, we collaborate closely with Project and Hiring Managers to meticulously outline project specifications. This includes defining project scopes, desired outcomes, and adherence to deadlines. 

Our service offerings are flexible and adaptable, catering to the diverse needs of projects in these industries. Whether it’s assembling a team for a manufacturing optimization initiative, launching a new FMCG product line, pulling together a team of Design & Civil Engineers for a large infrastructure project, or mobilising a ready to go  IT Project team, our customizable talent acquisition solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.